Easy, Fun and Inexpensive Way to Design Your Own Eco-Friendly T's with Contemp8 T-Shirts!

I think this is so cool!  The owner of Contempl8 T-Shirts, Chris, is one of our Environmental Booty Community members, and happens to be a really great guy, has just made it super easy, fun and inexpensive to design your own Eco-friendly Tee.  I have used Contempl8  for Eco-printing before and he really does a great job and uses environmentally friendly printing and fair trade practices.

"Simply put, wearing your point of view on your chest may be the easiest, most practical and legal way to express your opinions..."Christopher, founder of CONTEMPL8 T-SHIRTS

If you have a great slogan that you have been dying to share with the world or if you have a company, school or organization that needs an easy and inexpensive price on Tees, you really need to check out Contempl8 T-Shirts new design page on their site.  It is really ingenious!

It is time to really get with the program and make safer choices for yourself and our planet and Contempl8 is a great way to green your tees or marketing efforts that might involve T-shirts. 

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