3 Easy Ways to Go Chemical Free and Help Save our Planet...Meet my Friend Stainless Steel

I ran across another study today that seems to confirm BPA's (Bisphenol-A) harmful effects on not only females but men as well.  This controversial chemical which is found in plastic food and beverage containers has been known to be a hormone disruptor in women since the 30's, yet the US has failed to ban BPA.  BPA is one of my most hated chemicals.
A 2010  report from the  FDA expressed concern over BPA's harmful affects to fetuses, infants and children.  BPA is one chemical that, with a little education, you can avoid in your food and drink containers.   Here's three easy ways you can work to go chemical free with your containers and save our planet at the same time.

Okay but before I tell you the three ways to steer clear of BPA in your containers and save our planet at the same time, when using or buying a plastic food or beverage container, be sure to check for the recycling symbol on the bottom of the item.  It should look like one of these...

Always be sure to stay clear of plastic items with the numbers 3 and 7.  Both of those types of plastics can leach BPA into your body possibly cause hormone disruption.  Although not made with BPA, I also stay away from #6 (polystyrene) plastics, as especially when heated, these can give off toxic chemicals like styrene.

My poor husband brought these reusable bottles home from a conference he went to and was so excited to share them with me.  I checked the bottom and the recycling code was a #7!  Had to tell him that we couldn't use these in our home.  He was like :(  For tips on recycling #7 plastics  check this out.

I easily remember the food and drink containers that are safe to use by remembering 12:45; numbers 1, 2, 4 and 5 are supposedly okay to use.  According to  Trusted MD.com, it is NOT recommended to re-fill plastic bottles made from #1 plastic. According to me, you should "just say no".  I still stay away from #1 as much as possible and never refill or reuse a #1 water bottle.  To make it as easy as possible,  I really try to reduce chemical exposure for my family and reduce the amount of trash we produce by finding Eco-alternatives whenever possible.

Well I just found a great new green company called Stainless Cups which has created 3 great stainless steel Eco-products which I am tickled pink to carry in my OpenSky Environmental Booty Shop and start using in my home to reduce our chemical exposure and help save our planet.

Tumbler sampler pack

This is an exclusive sample pack available only through OpenSky! Enjoy a sampling of all of Stainless Cups stainless steel tumblers with this variety pack. This set includes 2 of our 24oz. tumblers, 2 of our 16oz. tumblers and 2 of our 12oz. tumblers as well as 4 of our stainless steel straws!

Stainless keeps everything soooo cold!

All of Stainless Cup's products are made of surgical grade stainless steel. Stainless steel is a 100% recyclable material that lasts a lifetime. It is non toxic, lightweight, dishwasher safe, won't break like glass and won't leach...plus they are too cool and so modern!

Stainless steel straws

This Opensky exclusive bundle is a variety pack of surgical grade stainless steel straws. It includes 4 large straws, 4 small straws and 1 straw cleaning brush. The large straws measure 9.5" in length and the small straws measure 7" in length.

They are dishwasher safe and have a bend for your sipping comfort!  Finally, we can stop pulling melted straws out of our dishwasher.  My hubby hates that and begs me to just throw the plastic straws away but I can't!  My girls go through straws like crazy and I HATE to toss them into the landfill.

You can really enjoy your cold drinks with these straws as drinks just stay so cold with this stainless!!  We LOVE them.

Never buy another straw again and keep all of those plastic straws out of our landfills! 

Stainless steel baby pack

Another OpenSky exclusive, this pack includes 2 - 13oz. stainless steel baby bottles, 2 sippy tops, and 2 sports tops.

This Stainless Cup's brand baby bottle will grow with baby! Start out with our surgical grade stainless steel baby bottle with a silicone nipple. As baby grows, simply swap out the nipple top for a non spill sippy top on the same bottle.  Then when they are ready, switch out the sippy top for a sports style top. One bottle will last your little one for years to come!

The stainless steel bottles and silicone nipples are dishwasher safe and can be boiled for sterilization. Stainless Cups  recommends hand washing the adapter rings for best results. All of their products are BPA free!!!

Really well made and it grows with baby and will be the envy of the stroller set!  My 4 year old (soon to be 5 year old) LOVES hers and this stainless is TOUGH! 

$ 32

I asked the founder of Stainless Cups why she started the company and she said...

"I started this company after a futile search for high grade stainless steel cups for my own family. I was trying to limit our plastic use for all the reasons you blog about and was unable to find anything. After a lot of research and inquiries I decided that if I was looking for this other people probably were too - so here we are!"  Nichole

Well Nichole, I am so happy you did!

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