Harrison Ford...Still Sooo Sexy Just Like His Passion for Team Earth and His Hamilton Khaki Team Earth Collection

So I may be jaded as I have always liked older men,
My poor hubby is 10 years older than me but he just kept wanting to have babies so he is 52 with  a 4, 10 and 13 year old!!!

but I think Harrison Ford is still very sexy.  I knew he was into green as I remember he and Calsita Flockhart had an Eco-wedding but I had no idea he had an eye for green design.  In order to help promote his passion for Team Earth, Harrison has teamed up with a Swatch watch company called Hamilton.  Hamilton, a high end watch brand that has been around forever, and Harrison Ford have created some hot little watches to sell and give part of the proceeds to Team Earth

I had no idea that aside from having amazing staying power in the sex appeal department, Harrison Ford is into green design. The Hamilton Khaki Team Earth Collection is the second series of watches created in collaboration with the actor to benefit the work of the Conservation International's Team Earth Mission.
So this partnership has been going on for a while and the proceeds from past watch sales have done great things.   Launched in 2008, the Hamilton Khaki Conservation Collection was extremely popular and the funds raised were able to contribute to some major conservation breakthroughs driven by Conservation International. Proceeds from the watch sales have helped protect 36,000 hectares (like more than twice that in acres), miles of critical coastal land in South Africa and 2.6 million hectares in Namibia’s Sperrgebiet National Park, as well as the creation of important protected marine areas in Brazil and Equator.

Harrison Ford explains, "I am proud to serve Conservation International as a campaigner. The first collection we created together with Hamilton proved a success. 
So just how can you get involved in Team Earth of you do not have the almost $900 to drop on one of the watches...

Check out this PDF for more info and links to Hamilton's Facebook Fan Page and Twitter account.  

I tell you what, if I still had the extra funds, I would pick one of these watches up for my man's Birthday this October and I bet he would reach for it more than the Rolex I gave him for our anniversary years ago.  I bet a Harrison Ford Hamilton Khaki Team Earth watch would become any man's favorite because it would remind him to Do More or Do Less

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