How to Get Black Dog Publishing's 2nd Edition of Recycle:The Essential Guide for 40% Off!

 Get Black Dog Publishing's 2nd Edition of Recycle:The Essential Guide for 40% Off!!

Recycle:The Essential Guide
Paperback, 27.0 x 21.0 cm, 288 pages
Email Jessica to Buy Now: UK £19.95 | US $29.95
Please take advantage of this offer from my friends at Black Dog Publishing and pick up Recycle:The Essential Guide at a 40% discount. The Essential Guide is the indispensable handbook to recycling today, tackling everything from the urgency of resource depletion on a global scale to what the consumers can do to reduce waste in their own home.

The guide is fully illustrated and cleverly designed, with colorful photographs, charts and illustrations bringing the text to life.  An introduction by Lucy Siegle, contextualizes recycling in the changing global economy by discussing the way it has changed throughout the ages, and raising questions about where it is headed in the future. Recycle:The Essential Guide provides clear information about the materials and processes of recycling, illustrated by case studies, and a comprehensive international directory of organizations and authorities involved in recycling processes, as well as consumer directory for Eco-design, and a glossary of recycling terms.
I love my guide from Black Dog Publishing!

Recycle:The Essential Guide is essential for modern living to help us all minimize the impact of our consumption on the environment.  If you are in the UK or USA, take advantage of this incredible 40% discount now!  Just click to email Jessica Atkins at Black Dog Publishing with "Environmental Booty Offer" in the subjest line of your email and she will take care of getting you the guide!! 

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