My Butt is Big and That's Just Fine...I'm a Nike Goddess but Uh, This Nike Ad is a FAKE!

So if you click on the supposed Nike ad above, you will go to an Advertising Age post that did what I love to do to vet out my stories...go to the source.  It's a FAKE!
I saw the Tweet below and, being the Nike Goddess I am,  immediately clicked on the link.  My booty is big and you will have to pry my Nike Air Cross trainer's off of my feet the day I um get the point right and I HAD to get the skinny on what I thought was a great ad campaign...
Happen to LOVE @BeautySweetSpot and her Tweets, but this time she was duped like me!!

Not so fast!  Advertising Age called Nike's Ad Agency, Weiden & Kennedy,  and asked if these were real ads for Nike... "Uh, it ain't our work." was the response!  Nike media rep Derek Kent confirmed what Ad Age suspected: The ad's a fake.

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