Healthy Things I'm Lovin' Today

I am loving tomato and mozzarella salad drizzled with Publix Tangy Balsamic Dressing and a cool glass of Ambassador Organic Tea!!  I am also loving that my daughter Reece has been making it for me...
She is a doll! 
What I am not loving, though, is the fact that I just realized there is HFCS in the salad dressing we have been putting on the tomato and mozzarella salad from Publix!!  UUGGHH....
It is sooo good though and I thought I checked for HFCS.  Oh well, a little but won't kill me.  It's all about moderation right?
I also like Newman's Own Newman's Own Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing  drizzled on my salads and it is a bit healthier...

Healthier, but I still am loving the taste of the cheap old Publix with the HFCS...sigh
So either dressing I pick, or Reece picks, this is how it turns out...

Yummy!  Thanks Reece!
So I am also loving Ambassador Organics Biodynamic Green Tea...

Did I mention it is certified Fair Trade too?
You can buy the loose leaf Ambassador Organic green Tea but we are out of the bags right now... :(

This is what my family and I are drinking every single day (that is a cute little BPA Free jug I got for volunteering at school) soda!  Well my hubby is still into soda, but at least I have convinced him to go with caffeine free!  We add a little Stevia Plus and it is as sweet as candy!!
I know I am giving myself and my girls the purest tea that is not only good for us, but good for our environment too.  When we drink tea, we are really drinking a leaf infused in water right?   We can have a clean leaf or a conventional leaf that may have any or all of these chemicals on it.
  •     HCH - Hexachlorocyclohexane
  •     DDT - Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethe
  •     Permethrin
  •     Fenvalerate
  •     Carfentrazone - ethyl
  •     Spinosad
Another thing I am loving about this green tea is that it is  Biodynamic.  Biodynamic organic is produced the way farming has been done for centuries.  It is the most sustainable organic farming method. Biodynamic is based on holistic principles that consider all creation connected, regards the farm as a complete system, and focuses on using the best water and the purest soil and compost. Rudolph Steiner, a philosopher on the early 20th Century, prescribed Biodynamics as a way of producing food that was more nutritious for our bodies, and better for the planet.  How can I not love that?

What healthy things are you loving today? 

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