Looking for a Backpack? Why I Love the OGIO Kirby Recycled Backpack...made from recycled material, really well thought out and it doesn't hurt my back...Great for Kids and Adults!

OGIO Kirby Recycled Backpack
I love this backpack because it is made from recycled material, is really well thought out and it doesn't hurt my back...it's super comfy!

I am really in love with this backpack and use it constantly.  It is just extremely well thought out which helps me stay organized and it's very comfortable.  I have purchased a lot of backpacks for my kids for school and for myself for day trips with my kids and this one has all of the features I look for and more.  One of the best features of this backpack, though, is that it is made  from recycled nylon.  Such a bonus to get this really perfectly designed backpack  and be able to close the loop by buying recycled.

OGIO Recycled Nylon Backpack

The straps are super comfy and very padded and the backpack is designed with comfort in mind.  If worn correctly it won't hurt your kid's backs.  Feel free to contact me and we can talk about exactly how to make sure your kids are wearing it correctly.  It is also very roomy and I have found that it will hold everything from heavy books to whatever a mom needs for a day with her family.  I have taken it everywhere from the beach to the Magic Kingdom in Disney World with everything my three girls need  for the entire day and I am always amazed at how much it holds.  I should have taken a picture of it fully packed on the day we went to Disney because we were all laughing at how ginormous it was after we packed it.  It just kept expanding.

At the end of our long day at Disney last weekend.  Daddy and Reece are all wet form the Log Ride and you can't see it but I have the OGIO backpack on along with holding Hay-Jay and I am still smiling...and I have had back surgery!!  If I can do this with the OGIO reycled nylon backpack, I think your child's back will be okay using it with their heavy books or computer inside!  :)

Because I have had back surgery, though, I am also always totally impressed with the way that it NEVER hurts my back.  I think it is safe and comfortable for people with back problems and for small kids to wear with all of their heavy school books.  They can be green and protect their back at the same time.

Also available with my favorite customization...the  Environmental  Booty Logo!  Remind all who you see that you treasure  self, people and  planet.

Some of the other features of this OGIO Recycled Backpack that I love are:
  • The cushy computer sleeve area is a safe place for your computer and more!
  • There is a groovy little compartment which is covered in fleece which is a safe place for your iPod with a little port for your ear buds to fit through so you can easily listen to music.  
  • The standard pen compartment has more room than most and a safe spot for your phone that Velcros shut.  
  • There is also a large mesh net outer pocket where you can put one or even two stainless steel water containers.
  • Did I mention there are a ton of zippered compartments of various sizes to hold everything you need?
  • Easy to stay organized with the ingenious layout of this OGIO recycled backpack.

So happy to be a part of the OpenSky Community of shopkeepers, suppliers and shoppers and to be able to share these great, green  products and Eco-suppliers with you here and in my Environmental Booty Shop.  I want to hear what you think about this green back to school gear okay?  So leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts!

Peace, Love and Eco - Shane :)

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