The World WILL Survive but I've Been Given Permission to Continue Working on My Passion Anyway? Say What?

Creating a greener three girls are counting on us!  That is my passion <3  In this picture we are out hunting for crabs with flashlights...a family tradition at the beach.

I wanted to share with you guys an email that I received over the weekend.  The subject was listed as "the world will survive"...
"You have to ask yourself,  what was the world like before the environmentalists where around.  It seem to survive ,  I will still walk barefoot and free no matter what happens to the environment.  But keep up the good work if being an environmentalist is your passion."
We found some little guys and the girls enjoyed being outside by the ocean enjoying the moonlit fun
My first thought was that it was really nice for someone  to give me permission to continue my passion.  Note sarcasm please.  My second thought was,"Wow, am I an environmentalist?" I suppose people would think of me in those terms but I really think of myself as a green consumer advocate.  In my book, environmentalist kind of has a far left, negative connotation of people running around chasing whale boats.

I certainly get some nasty emails and this one was not in that category at all.  I am glad that this person felt compelled to write to me but I wonder if they really understand what I am trying to do with my company, blog and community.

I am not trying to save the world.  That is a big job and I think I will meet the person in charge of that when my spirit leaves my body and soars to meet him. My goal is to help people realize that the choices we all make today (consumer, health, lifestyle etc.), have the power to change our health and the health of our world tomorrow?  I am all about creating a healthier life and planet for us all.  I have three girls who are counting on all of us...who is counting on you?

P.S.- I am really glad that you stopped by our Environmental Booty Blog and I hope you have learned or shared a thing or two.  I hope that , now that you've found us,  you won't lose us!  You can join our green living online community, subscribe to our posts download our community toolbar, Tweet with me on Twitter or Come Shop with Me to stay in touch!  Whatever you do, just remember that our future depends on our knowledge and actions.  The choices you make today will change your health and the health of our world tomorrow.  Together we CAN find the path that leads to a greener, more sustainable future. Peace, Love and Eco- Shane 

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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead