The Best Aurorae Yoga Mats and the Secret to Preventing Slipping are Back in my Environmental Booty OpenSky Shop!

A friend of mine has been waiting to use his gift certificate in my Environmental Booty OpenSky Shop until I got these Aurorae Yoga mats back in stock.  Well, Ian, this is just for you and all of my other yoga loving,
green living friends who want a great mat with the perfect focal point.
- Measures much longer than your typical yoga mat at 72'' x 24'' x ¼''.
- Provides really good cushion and comfort & protects your knees and joints.
-Super slip resistant 
-It's even machine washable, just hang dry!!  Be sure to wash before you use it to help break it in.
- Features a great illuminating color bringing out aura within you. :)
Just pick your aura and toss it in your cart...
INFINITY in BLACK (Ian's favorite)




If you seem to find yourself slipping during yoga, you will love this Aurorae super absorbent and cushy towel and rosin bag...
- Dimension: 16”x23”.

- Made of 100% Natural Cotton Soft Terry.

- Features Aurorae embroidery.

- Absorbs all of your sweat but it stays dry.

- Prevents you from from slipping.

-The slip free rosin bag will help you maintain your grip by keeping your hands's odor free to which is nice and all you need to do is apply by touching before your yoga session!

-Towel and rosin bag work really well together and will help you hold your pose!

Any questions, just shoot me an email or leave a comment below.  Let me know how you like it!!

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