Oh Lord as If I Do Not Have Enough to Worry About...CNN Reports Florida Confirms 24 Cases of Dengue Fever

So like I do not have enough to worry about with the oil spill, kids being abducted, medicines causing brain damage, mean girls, technology in kid's hands, artificial sweeteners, HFCS, partially hydrogenated fats and so on...now I have to worry about a Dengue fever outbreak.  When I first heard about this on Twitter from a friend I have known for a while and trust...

I wondered where she got the info.

Then I clicked through to the link and saw that it was from CNN and I was really bummed cuz now I have another thing to worry about!

Click the picture above for the rest of the story and if you are in Florida, pick up some natural bug repellent!

DEET-free solution consisting of various essential oils like citronella, geranium and lemongrass approved by the Environmental Working Group.  A patented time release formula delivers maximum protection from biting insects for up to 4 hours.Works against mosquitoes, ticks, gnats, flies, ants, black flies and other pesky insects.

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