Update on the Cute Green Guys - The Wiley One Connect the DOT's Tour

Click on the link above in the Tweet to follow along with these cutie pies on their YOUTUBE channel as
 they do their deal for the earth.   Inspiring and interesting to follow along.  It's Feel Good Green!! :)
I am diggin on The Wiley One Band on the Sundawg Records Label and the work that they are doing.  Check this from their YOUTUBE site...
 Today, The Wiley One's music is rapidly gaining recognition. The unique bouncy-bluesy string style riffs combined with creative lyrical poetry have attracted audiences far and wide. The Wiley One has evolved into one of the most impressive up and coming bands in the Southwest. "No. 7 Kid," received exciting reviews from The Phoenix New Times, among others, and is spreading like wild fire through the West Coast and beyond. Radio Stations from K-Rock in Los Angeles, California to The Edge 103.9FM in Phoenix, Arizona have featured live performances and airings of The Wiley One's music. 

Since The Wiley One signed to Independent Record Label, Sundawg Records, in 2007, their concerts have ranged from main stage performances and broadcasts at the 2008 Winter X-Games in Aspen, CO and the 2008 and 2009 Summer X-Games in Los Angeles in which Sam Wiley was the T.V. Co-host for Disney/X-Games Environmentality for their new single "GO GREEN". The song was picked up by Disney/XGames/Environmentality and ESPN to support the environmental efforts for their Websites.                      

The green awareness work this band is doing this summer, maybe they would call it play, is so important and  reaching people in a really positive green kind of way.  You know I love that cuz like I always say, "Going green should not be about guilt!"

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