Sad Mood, Bad Mood...OpenSky's CORE is Bumming Me Out Today but the Girlies are Happy About our Tomato Plant!

The one good thing about my crappy Monday!!
I do not even know where to start today as I am in such a BAD MOOD I cannot stand it.  I worked my a@@ off last Friday and spent about three hours (time I could have spent with my kids) preparing an amazing post to tell you about a few great, green back to school suppliers and products that I had chosen for my shop at a great 20% discount.  Gorgeous post, great info and Eco-lifestyle products any mom or kid would love to have like these...

I love my Eco-lunch tote and was sooo excited to share it...but now it has disappeared into cyberspace :(
Well you may know how my shopping platform for my Environmental Booty Shop is OpenSky and some of you might remember that they were making some changed last weekend in order to debut an amazing new platform called CORE which makes your shopping experience more like a social community...but guess what?  As it is when you are always on the cutting edge of new ideas and technology, there are a few glitches that still need worked out.  It seems that the 160 products that I took countless hours (and I mean countless)  researching, choosing, talking with suppliers about, requesting and writing reviews for are totally gone.  Well, scratch that, I believe there are still 14 products in my shop that are still available at a 20% discount or free shipping (use codes JulyFreeShip or July20pct at checkout through 8/9); including one that I never had in my shop to begin with...
Not sure why this is now showing up for sale in my Eco shop?
So my awesome Green Goes Back to School post and products have been scratched until OpenSky can turn my frown upside down!

I know OS will do all they can to help me turn my frown :( upside down :)
I love OpenSky and you could never find a better group of people to work with.  If I told you some of the things they have done for me you would think I was making it up, but I must say this really has made me sad today!  The good news is I that I trust in OpenSky completely so I know this will all be worked out and on the flip side, the girls were super excited to see a tomato plant on our Topsy Turvy today!!

Hopefully I will have better news soon on the shop.  For now I am going to have an avocado, tomato and mozzarella salad and look forward to a better day tomorrow.

Peace, Love and Eco-Shane :)

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