Getting Married? Going Eco? How to Plan a Great Green Wedding

Me on my wedding day...20 pounds heavier than I  am now but much less wrinkled!
When I got married almost 20 years ago, I don't think I considered greening anything.  I was too freaked out by the seamstress who destroyed hundreds of dollars worth of hand made lace, the Isleworth Country Club wedding planning witch not wanting to provide spoons and my soon to be husband's friends stealing glasses for party favors and talking about how the houses in the club were really just big worry about greening anything.

These days, though, I know that brides of all kinds from Chelsea Clinton to the girl next door are dreaming of ways to green everything thing from their gown and handbags to their party favors, linens and green gifts for their attendants.  Judging from the number of green and Eco-wedding sites that are out there, I think that it can be a little overwhelming.  There are so many sites that just set up a domain and are totally full of Google ads.  That's fine, I guess, if you really don't want an expert who is passionate about planning green and Eco weddings.  But seriously aren't you looking for a little personalized help from people who know what the heck they are talking about?

Well in all of my green internet travels and tweeting, I have come across a few really good people who can help you start your green wedding day planning and I wanted to share.
  1. Great Green Weddings - Comprehensive resource for planning environmentally and socially responsible green weddings with three great green registry sites.  Don't think having an earth-friendly wedding means sacrificing style.  A bit heavy on the Google ad links but still some solid Eco-ideas.
  2. The Recycled Bride - I really dig this site.  This site does not concentrate so much on organics or green gifts.  The Recycled Bride it is a site where you can buy and sell everything for your wedding instead creating more consumer waste and then tossing things after the big day or just leaving them hanging in your closet.  Discover amazing bargains on luxury and designer goods from elegant brides all over the world—for up to 75% off retail price.  Head over and sign up for a free account to contact sellers and start planning your dream wedding. 
  3. Green Bride Guide - So I saved the best for last because the Green Bride Guide the  has everything you need to plan a green wedding...including an amazing Green Bridal Gift Registry that totally kicks Environmental Booty!  How cool is that?  You can also find pictures from real green weddings, articles and advice on Eco-chic decor, and a wide range of green wedding gifts including: organic bedding, Recycled Glass Dishes, and Eco-friendly appliances. They also have the largest green wedding directory in the country, to help you connect with local vendors. 
So there are a few really great Eco-wedding sites out of the thousands to get your creative green wedding ideas flowing.  Congratulations and I wish you many, many  happy years with the one you love <3.

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