Are Your Purchasing Decisions Influenced by a Company's Efforts to Go Green? Does Going Green Matter?

I received a message from a fellow blogger, named Stephen, who asked me this question, "Are Your Purchasing Decisions Influenced by a Company's Efforts to Go Green?  Does Going Green Matter?"   My eyes lit up when I saw his message because I think it is so important for consumers to give props to companies who are doing their part to go green.  Stephen went on to ask if I might consider taking part in a survey he is hosting on to help get some answers to just how important consumers think it is to support green industry.

Stephen's survey coincides with an article he wrote about five companies that are greening their supply chains. In the article, he discusses the efforts of IBM, Whole Foods, Wal-Mart, Patagonia, and Pepsi to reduce their impact on the environment, which are certainly commendable. But he, like many of us, asks the question "Should they be doing more?"   What are the real motivations behind a greener supply chain? Are consumers even aware of these efforts?

If you could please take about 30 seconds of your time and help answer a few quick questions on Stephen's survey, you can help shape the future of green industry.  We are hoping to get a big response that would lead to some substantial results and analysis, so your participation would be a big help. Thanks in advance for your response! 

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