Latest Research on BPA or Bisphenol-A by University of Missouri Professor, Frederick Vom Saal, Says Rates of Human Exposure are Higher and More Harmful than Previously Thought from Household Products

Since his lab made frightening discoveries about the plastic lining of aluminum cans, MU professor Frederick Vom Saal drinks his beer from glass bottles.*

So I am sitting in front of my computer in absolute and utter disgust with the top five makers of Bisphenol A: Dow Chemical, Bayer Material Science, Sunoco Chemicals, SABIC Innovative Plastics and Hexion Specialty Chemicals.  Frankly, I don't know how their CEO's sleep at night.  As a mother, I think what they have been doing to consumers, and in particular to children, is reprehensible.  These companies should be held accountable for their complete and total disregard for the future health of our children.

I got the word yesterday about the new study published online in the Sept. 20 NIH (National Institutes of Health) journal Environmental Health Perspectives that basically says BPA's exposure on human health is far worse than we thought.   "This study provides convincing evidence that BPA is dangerous to our health at current levels of human exposure," said Fredrick Vom Saal, Curators' professor of biological sciences at the University of Missouri. "The new results clearly demonstrate that rodent data on the health effects of BPA are relevant to predictions regarding the health effects of human exposure to BPA. Further evidence of human harm should not be required for regulatory action to reduce human exposure to BPA."  BPA has recently been banned and labeled as toxic in Canada.

Oh and if you missed it, that rodent data, which the chemical companies have been disputing through their own questionable studies, shows things like exposing mice to low doses of BPA, alters gene expression in the fetal mouse ovary. Get it? In low doses, BPA messes with our reproduction.  You really cannot get much worse than messing with a population's reproduction now can you?  Let that sink in.

And BPA is everywhere in our homes and lives outside our homes.  Remember the "Plastics Make it Possible" campaign a few years back?  Those commercials showed us that BPA is in everything from clear plastic incubators for preemies to the safety bike helmets my kids wear!   The BPA from all of these plastic consumer items is leaching out all around us and ending up within us. Look around you right now.  Plastics are everywhere and so is the BPA.

Oh and the companies know it.  They would have to be total idiots to not know.   

You know we consumers hold the power to change the way products are made.  We really do.  No matter how big and powerful all of the chemical companies and government agencies are, they cannot force us to buy their products.  If we find the time to get educated, raise our voices and close our pocketbooks, we will be heard.

I want you to take 20 minutes when you have the time to sit and quietly read through 6 short pages about the history of BPA's harmful presence in our lives, the man who has spent his life studying BPA and exactly how the chemical companies have tried to discredit him and the subsequent studies which show BPA is so very harmful; especially harmful to our youngest.  This is one of the single most impirtant articles I have ever read.  It has changes my habits and it will change yours too.

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