Get a Sneak Peek into Justin Timberlake's Green Certified Mirimichi Golf Resort

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Everyone knows that Justin Timberlake loves golf, but I honestly had no idea that he was so into green that he would shut down his Mirimichi golf course just so he could change it into the first golf course in North, South or Central America to become Golf Environment Organization (GEO) Certified!

The Eco-apparent pop star and his family bought the former Big Creek Golf Course in 2007 which is in his hometown of Memphis.  They spent a reported 16 million renovating, then closed Mirimichi (still not sure what that name is about) back in January of this year to spend even more money to make it more Eco-friendly.

Mirimichi reopened on Monday (9-6-10) with Justin and his family showing off  enhancements and additions that were made throughout the property to improve the greens themselves as well as the environmental sustainability and beautification:

    * Electric golf carts replaced original fleet
    * Water filtration and drainage enhancements to reduce consumption
    * Increased water recycling by tying course drainage to ponds
    * Newly enhanced recirculating creek and waterfall system
    * Reforestation of native trees
    * Additional wildflower meadows, aquatic plants, and landscaped areas

I have a special place in my heart for Tennessee as Chattanooga is my birth place.  I cannot wait for the spa and resort facilities to be completed so I can take my family.   My hubby and daughters can golf and I can pamper myself in idea of a perfect vacation!

J.T. is obviously proud of his accomplishment as he Tweeted to his over 3 million Followers,
 "Also, just received the GEO Award for 1st certified "green" golf course!  Pretty Damn cool."

Well Justin, your fans are pretty proud of your Eco-efforts and is pretty damn cool

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