How to Live a Greener Lifestyle? Save Money, Save the Ocean

Wondering how to live a greener lifestyle and save some money too?  Well, live greener and save money with by Saving the Ocean by using reusable stainless steel bottles. 

Save the Ocean?  Those are strong words, and they are becoming more relevant every day.  The habits we’ve adopted on land are severely impacting our ocean Eco-system.  We drink countless bottles of water and since we are drinking them on the go so much (and there aren't many public recycling bins), most do not get recycled!

Right now there are over 100 million tons of trash floating in the Pacific Ocean, 80 percent of it coming from land brought by sewer systems and rivers to the sea.  Much of this garbage consists of plastic waste (like our water bottles) that is not biodegrading, but crumbling into small pieces in which sea life is eating and living in.  We are killing our oceans but using a stainless steel water bottle, is one way we can change our habits and begin to clean up our mess.

Please use and reuse any of  these bottles instead of throwing your money away on plastic water bottles and throwing countless plastic containers into the garbage.  You will live greener, save money and save the oceans. Heck for the low prices I found on some of these bottles, you can stretch your budget a bit now,  pick one up for each member of your family and save big on green in the future!

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Photo courtesy of Inhabitat

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