My Green Girls are Back to School with Healthy Food in Their Lunch Boxes...but are all Kids that Fortunate? How You Can Help with Ann Cooper's LunchBox Project

So I got my green girls off to school last week and  whew what a relief.  I really love having them around but I know they are just as happy as I am to be able to get back into the groove of school.
This year, unless I okay the lunch on the school menu, I have made a commitment to make nutritious lunched for them to take to school in their lunch boxes.
Things that I consider rare treats or totally off limits are served each day at school.  The school district has made an effort in that they give choices like fruit instead of chips and this year they are even offering vegan options  Still, as I was making my daughter's mozzarella and tomato salad this morning, I thought about all of the kids who may not have parents who are in the position to be able to provide nutritious lunches for their kids and must rely on not so healthy, free lunches from the schools.

Well, check out this renegade lunch lady...
This chick knows her stuff and we should all be so lucky to have her heading up our local lunch programs huh?   Well Ann Cooper has created The LunchBox Project to help children get access to healthy food at school. The LunchBox  provides schools with free, tangible tools to transform school lunch from highly processed foods to made-from-scratch meals using nutritious, fresh ingredients. Tools for real change include school-tested recipes with nutritional and training tips, financial modeling guides, budget templates, downloadable, customizable calendars, and training videos.

The Lunch Box Project's goal is to raise $20,000 by October 15th and we can help to reach that goal!

The OpenSky Project has partnered with two green supplier innovators dedicated to fostering healthy food and lifestyle. A selection of their scrumptious and nutritionally vibrant products from my shop awaits below and you can help support The LunchBox Project with your purchase!  Together, OpenSky and I will be giving $2 for every product sold below to the LunchBox Project...another easy way to help out and try some great, healthy products!

Experience the ultimate in truly raw honey! You will be amazed at the intense floral aroma and flavors found in this hand-picked honey.  My family LOVES this ultra-raw and pesticide free honey!!

Wee Bee Honey is a family-owned and operated apiary producing what they call "extreme raw honey." The owners of Wee Bee Honey are the latest in a long line of beekeepers which stretches back five generations. During Spring and Summer, honey is harvested straight from the beehives from locations in the Western region of New York State. During the colder months of the year, the beekeepers travel here to where I live in central Florida to continue the harvest from beehives located here. No pesticides or herbicides are ever used on the hives, either in New York or Florida.

As a guarantee of this honey's purity, the beekeepers send the honey to an independent laboratory for a battery of tests for chemicals with every batch. The results are clear: This honey comes back pesticide-free every single time. Wee Bee Honey is never heated, filtered or strained. Wee Bee Honey contains original hive products such as bee pollen, bee propolis, and bits of honeycomb. Producing honey this way is very labor intensive, but it ensures you are getting a great, raw, whole food.

Wee Bee Honey is best enjoyed by the spoonful. Savor the intense, pure honey flavor. You may also combine it with cacao nibs and goji berries, and maca to make your own refrigerator energy bars, or use a spoonful in your smoothie. We love to dip apples in it and spoon it on our oatmeal.  Just like it has with my girls, Wee Bee Honey is sure to become one of your favorite treats.

Net weight: 16 oz. (454g)


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Includes three flavors:
• Breakfast Bar – the original favorite provides 24% of your daily fiber. A stellar 100% organic nutritional line up includes Oats, raw hemp seeds, raw blonde flax seeds, raw sesame seeds, maple syrup and vegan dark chocolate chips. The Breakfast Bar makes a hearty start to any day.

•  Peanut Butter Honey – similar nutritional goodness to the Breakfast Bar, with the addition of 100% organic Roasted Valencia Peanut Butter and Raw Honey.

• Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate – The GoodOnYaBar’s most popular flavor adds vegan dark chocolate chips to the peanut butter honey mix. A great substitute for cookies and candy bars!

We made it easy to try all 3 flavors with a 3-bar sampler pack that includes free shipping.


We all have heard about the marvelous health benefits of almonds. Not only are they high in protein and calcium, but also high in monounsaturated fat, the same healthy fats found in olive oil, which are associated with reducing your risk of heart disease. Research has proven that almonds can reduce your total cholesterol levels, and lower the LDL  levels (bad cholesterol). This notorious nut is also a great source of potassium, vitamin C, magnesium, and antioxidants. With all this in mind, have you ever tried almond butter?

Spread this creamy almond butter on any raw snack bar for a delicious snack on the go, or blend it up in a salad dressing with raw tahini. Delicious when spread on Plump, Sun-Dried Bananas or used in place of peanut butter or spread on apples!

The Almonds used to create the smooth, creamy texture of our Almond Butter are grown in the fertile soils of Spain, Italy, and Eastern Europe. These Almonds are Certified Organic and totally Raw.  Net Wt. 16 oz

Thanks in advance for being the kind of person who cares about not only your health but the health of our future generations...good job. 

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