R.E.U.S.E. Jeans...Step into a smaller carbon footprint one leg at a time with 80% recycled denim

I am constantly amazed at how people seem to stop making green consumer choices just after they purchase their stainless steel water bottle and reusable bag.   Living a greener lifestyle means incorporating your care for your health and the health of our planet into every day purchases.  That is why I love my Environmental Booty OpenSky Shop to help us all find the treasure in living green.  Still, I cannot carry everything green in my shop and I need a new pair of jeans.

So after a little detective work with my friend Google, I found an amazing little online shop that specializes in selling recycled jeans, shorts and skirts for women.  R.E.U.S.E. Jeans is a must stop if you are a green girl looking for an adorable and sexy pair of jeans.  Check them out and then begin to take into account greener choices when you are spending your all mighty dollar.  All of your consumer choices make a difference in your health and the health of our planet. 

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