Love the Sexy Reusable Shopping Bag You Gave Me, but Where is the Green in White House Black Market?

So if you have been following along for any ampount of time here on Environmental Booty, you know what a freak I am about reusable bags.  I hate plastic bags and what they are doing to our environment and the oil that is necessary for their production.  I reuse my plastic bags until they fall apart and then I try to bring them into Publix to be recycled; a great green effort on their part.  

As far as reusable bags, I have literally dozens.  Two of my favorites are the Envi-Tote (great for groceries,  the Farmer's Market or for those like me with a bad back) and the Goody Green Bag which is good for mall shopping.  Still, when I received a huge and, I must say rather sexy, reusable bag from White House Black Market (WHBM) in the mail recently, I was totally hyped!  Huge props to WHBM for dipping their toes into the green marketing pool!  Green is good for business, good for your shoppers and great for our planet!

White House Black Market is one of my absolute favorite brands.  My closet is full of WHBM clothes.  Surprised?  Did you think I walk around every minute in bamboo?  Well I don't because it is tough to find sexy, green clothes and sadly, as far as I can see, there isn't any green in White House Black Market's entire store.  I would love to see some bamboo fabrics, natural dyes or a complete line of Eco-clothing.  I love what you are doing with your support of  Living Beyond Breast Cancer.  Thinking along those lines, donating a portion of sales to an environmental charity would be a really great direction to head to continue turning White House Black Market green. 

Sp please tell us there anything green in the works?  Am I missing something? 

Oh and BTW, thanks for the bag.  I love it and will use it all of the time!!

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