Here's an Easy Way to Make Money through Green Living! CVS will Pay YOU to Use a Reusable Bag with their Green Bag Tag Program and it is Sooo Easy!

I love CVS and their green initiatives. I actually have found their private label green living products work great and save me money. Now CVS is really giving up the green with their Green Bag Tag program. I have a CVS  close to my home and find myself in there a few times a week and I just love it. It's funny because I actually get to know the folks who work there and they have always kind of laughed at me. It's not that I am funny because I try to read all of the trashy magazines that I refuse to buy before I am checked out. They laugh at me because I always forget my reusable bags and have to carry my purchases.

Well now I have the perfect reason to remember to use my reusable bags when I shop CVS.  With the introduction of their Green Bag Tag to their market place, CVS is gonna pay me to remember.  I love this.  No government mandate was needed to force businesses to help push consumer's habits toward green.  This is just the free green market at work using power in positive ways.  What shopper isn't going to want to take advantage of this green deal and help save the environment at the same time?

I am sure there will be some people who have enough money that they don't worry themselves over getting free money.  But I hope even those people will pick up a Green Bag Tag and use their Extra Bucks to buy supplies for a local homeless shelter.
This is seriously so easy.  All you have to do is...
  1. Get yourself signed up for a CVS ExtraCare Card which is super easy; just ask a clerk or head to the red kiosk.  Using the card is easy too.  I have had one forever but lost it like the first week I had it.  That's okay though because I think everyone else around here lost theirs too.  Folks at my CVS always just give their phone number to the clerk to get their savings and rack up the Extra Bucks.   Just last week I had $15 in Extra Bucks to use like cash in CVS.  Even my husband is on board with giving our home phone number when he shops at CVS to take advantage of big savings and Extra Bucks.
  2. Next, buy a Green Bag Tag (made with a corn-based material - a renewable resource) for just $.99 and attach it to a CVS reusable bag (there is an additional fee to buy their bag), your own reusable bag or even reuse a plastic shopping bag you have from a previous purchase.
  3. Use your Extra Care Card (or just give your phone number) and Green Bag Tag each time you shop.  After every fourth visit, CVS will give you a $1 in Extra Bucks! 
Exceedingly cool right?  But it gets even better.  Until March 31, 2011, CVS will donate 5 cents for every Green Bag Tag sold to one of my family's favorite charities, the World Wildlife Fund...

So you guys are all on board with this right?  Now all we have to do is get CVS to lower their prices on our prescriptions...I'm just sayin'...

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