Round House Design - Oh Plah! THE Perfect, Non-toxic, BPA and Phthalate Free, Recyclable Teether for Baby...and Mom?

The award-winning Oh Plah! is a unique twist on teethers and is meant to be worn on Mom's wrist so she doesn't have to fumble in a baby bag or purse while her fussy baby is miserable and making life miserable for everyone else. The chewable material gives baby just the right amount of teething relief while allowing Mom to breathe her own sigh of relief.  I like it!

I know I've certainly been there, how about you?  You are waiting in line at the store when your baby starts to get restless. At first it's just a little whining, but as she grows more agitated and heads start to turn, you know the clock is ticking. Searching frantically for a distraction, you look at your dirty keys and think, "Maybe...?" But then you remember that the chic and stylish bracelet on your wrist is safe for baby! "Oh Plah!" Crisis averted.

French for "Here You Go!" Oh Plah! is an eco-friendly bracelet for mom that baby or child can safely play with as a toy or teether. Constructed of medical grade thermoplastic - it's non-toxic, bacteria-resistant, and free of lead, latex, PVC, BPA and phthalates.

All Oh Plah! Bracelets meet or exceed the U.S. CPSIA regulations, in addition to meeting or exceeding safety testing standards for Canada and the European Union . And no small parts means it's safe for even the tiniest baby.

Roundhouse Design practices a closed loop cycle with its Full Circle Recycling program: When it's time, Roundhouse will pay to have your Oh Plah! shipped back to have it recycled into new products!

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