Heading to Vegas for the BlogWorld Expo and Bringing my Green Travel Essentials..Hope I don't Crash

I am bringing all of my green travel essentials and I hope they do not weigh more than 50 pounds or I'll be paying extra!!
I have such a huge fear of flying that I have not flown since 1997.  Wild huh?   Well now I am heading to Vegas for a few days to attend the BlogWorld Expo and I hope I don't crash.  This is like the biggest social media event of the year here in the entire world and I really would hate to miss it.  Seriously.  I am very excited even though all three of my girls have already been crying and I don't leave until 2:30 today!  I am flying on my favorite green airline, Southwest and packing all of my favorite green essentials. These days there are so many rules and restrictions about carry ons, that I have been a bit stressed.  But I have it all taken care of now with some of my favorite green travel essentials.

For my carry on I am taking my favorite Environmental Booty Backpack and for my allowed "personal item", I am using the hottest Eco-bag.
I am taking my green travel essentials like the Cassia Weekender (totally made with earth friendly materials and construction) which is the perfect size to carry on the airplane.  It feels really comfy on my shoulder too which is important with my bum back. My bum back and size is another reason my Ogio Backpack is one of my green travel essentials...

The Ogio backpack has an Environmental Booty Logo and is made with recycled material.  As an added plus, there is an inside compartment that is super padded for my laptop and the size is within the limits for Southwest.  Sweet!

I am also feeling good about how much my Eco-Cassia Weekender will hold. Since I also will be bringing my little 3oz bottles of all my Sweet P's Organics travel favorites (organic sunscreen, natural colored lip balm, hand and body lotion, hand and body wash and organic Bamboo and Green Tea solid scent perfume), all in my my favorite scent.  I love my Bamboo and Green Tea Essential Travel Kit...

...then I still have to put my purse in and there is plenty of room for some more as long as it's not too heavy for me to lug around the airport!! 

I will toss in my favorite stainless steel water bottle from Outdoor Technology...

and my  Susta natural sweetener packets ...

and I am ready to fly!  I think.

If you are going to BWE10, you can probably find me hanging around the OpenSky booth and partying with the Collective Bias crowd.  Please, if you are going, give this a whrrl and get a chance for $6,000 in prizes.  I am totally into whrrl because it totally gets you out from behind your computer and connecting with deals and friends in the real world.  Plus, we can easily find each other in Vegas this way.

Hope to see you there or at least can catch up with me on whrrl.

P.S.- I am really glad that you stopped by our Environmental Booty Blog and I hope you have learned or shared a thing or two.  I hope that , now that you've found us,  you won't lose us!  You can join our green living online community, subscribe to our posts download our community toolbar, Tweet with me on Twitter or Come Shop with Me to stay in touch!  - Shane :)

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