Environmentalist Isn't a Four Letter Word! How to Make a Positive Environmental Impact and Get one of the Highest Paying Jobs at the Same Time? Could a Degree in the Environmental Sciences be Right for You?

Environmentalist Isn't a Four Letter Word!  How to Make a Positive Environmental Impact and Get one of the Highest Paying Jobs at the Same Time?  Could a Degree in the Environmental Sciences be Right for You?
Environmentalists wear many hats.  Could donning a hard hat and becoming an environmental engineer be right for you?

Live Your Passion for the Environment through a Lucrative Career
These days it seems that labeling yourself as an environmentalist can be risky business.  Jokes like, "You might be an environmentalist if...you've ever thought of vandalizing SUV's" have become popular and being labeled as a "tree hugger" has, in many social circles, become a title which needs to be defended.  But Environmentalist isn't a four letter word and choosing the label can not only lead to a greener future for our planet, it can also lead to a greener future (as in cold hard cash) for you.  If you are wondering how to make a positive environmental impact with your passion for the environment and get one of the highest paying jobs at the same time, a degree in the Environmental Sciences could be right for you.

What is Environmental Science?
Environmental Science is the study of the countless interactions between humans and the world around them, both living and non-living, with a special emphasis placed on the impact humans have on these components.  Areas of related studies include environmental studies and environmental engineering.  Although the study of both disciplines is related to the environment, environmental studies focus broadly on the human interaction with the environment whereas environmental engineering is actually using science and engineering principles to improve the physical environment. 

How Easy is it to Land a Job with an Environmental Studies Degree?
A degree in Environmental Studies will help you to find jobs in various areas but it will be important for you to be open to helping companies realize the need for your training and creating environmental studies graduate positions.  Environmental issues are found in every kind of workplace but not all organizations are yet aware of the need for a full time position to address those issues. As awareness of environmental issues grows, the need for people with a blend of science and policy knowledge will also grow.  After graduation you can expect to find jobs with non-profits, corporations or offer consulting services as environmental planners, analysts and policy makers. 

If you are more interested in applying your knowledge to creating solutions to environmental problems rather than pursuing a career in policy administration, a degree in Environmental Engineering might be right for you. 

Create a Lucrative Career Designing Solutions to Environmental Problems
A degree in Environmental Engineering will prepare you for a career designing the systems and infrastructure necessary to living in a healthy world.  According to the US Department of Labor, Environmental Engineers are concerned with local and worldwide environmental issues. They not only study environmental issues, they attempt to minimize the effects of those issues such as acid rain, global warming, automobile emissions, and ozone depletion.  Many environmental engineers work as consultants, helping their clients to comply with regulations and to clean up hazardous sites. Through their work to evaluate the environmental impact of proposed construction projects, Environmental Engineers are also involved in the protection of wildlife.

Obtaining an advanced degree in Environmental Engineering can be lucrative; bringing some of the highest paying jobs your way. 

Get Started Today
There are various environmental engineering colleges which offer degrees in Environmental Engineering.  Get started today checking them out.  Before you know it, you'll have your degree in hand and be well on your way to making a positive environmental impact while getting one of the highest paying jobs around.  Making a living through living your passion, what could be better?

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