Why are Ladies Everywhere Falling for this Little Black Dress from Casualmere?

CAUTION: This dress feels so good ... be cautious when dancing with a stranger.
The little black dress has gone green and it's never been sexier or more comfortable.  Think comfy and soft, like you feel in your favorite nightie, and you'll get an idea of just how yummy you will feel in this elegant, ecological and economical fashion basic.  Ladies of all ages (and I mean all ages) are falling for the wear-anywhere, easy-travel and easy-care convenience of this Bamboo* jersey knit dress by Casualmere.

This little black dress has subtle side-seam slits at the bottom hem making it flirty yet perfect for any event, casual or dressy. It is the quintessential “Little Black Dress”...gone green.  This Eco-friendly garment not only feels amazing, it will make you feel amazing in it.  Throw this outfit on and you are ready for anything.  

Ladies love this dress ... there is nothing like it...YOU WON'T BELIEVE THE SOFT FEEL...IT IS VERY, VERY SEXY! Pair it with tights for a hot look! Not sure what size is right for you?  Check out the size chart below.
  What's NOT to love?

And no matter what comes your way, in this outfit, your feeling so great...you're ready for more!! 

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*Note: In almost every country except the USA bamboo fabric is recognized as having natural moisture wicking, UV resistance and anti-bacterial properties. These properties have not yet been accepted by the FTC so this dress must be labeled “viscose made from bamboo.”

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