Latest on GMO Salmon...If You Want to KNOW When You are Eating Frankenfish, then Take a Moment to Tell the FDA to Clearly Label Your Food!

It is bad enough that our government is considering allowing this GMO Frankenfish fish to be sold in the US, but now we hear that if it is approved for sale ion the US, they may not be labeling it as GMO.  How will you know if you are buying and eating non-GMO salmon or a Frankenfish?  You won't unless you take action NOW! 

I know you are busy, but do not allow yourself to use that as an excuse for apathy.  Consumers, if you want to KNOW when you are eating Frankenfish, then take a moment HERE to tell the Food & Drug Administration Commissioner (FDA) Margaret Hamburg and President Obama to clearly label your food!  If they decide to allow Frankenfish be sold in U.S. grocery stores and restaurants, consumers must be aware of what they are eating through a promise to label genetically modified salmon.   

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