New Green iPhone App Helps Moms and Dads Protect Their Babies. Get The Peaceful Nursery iPhone App and Get Peace of Mind Too

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New Green iPhone App Helps Moms and Dads Protect Their Babies.  Coming January of 2011 You Can Get The Peaceful Nursery iPhone App and Get Peace of Mind Too
I remember when my first daughter was born. I was a mess.  I have heard stories of women who just slip into motherhood as effortlessly as they fit into their size 2 jeans merely weeks after delivering their little one.  I don't believe those stories.  There is an adorable family of seven in my community and the matriarch recently said, "I felt like I finally hit my stride after my fourth child."  Seriously?  I feel like I hit my stride last Saturday night after my second pomegranate martini.

Nonetheless, after baby number 1, I was like a sponge soaking up every little bit of information I could find on how to raise a healthy baby.  What I wish I had then, were answers to so many of my questions that I had...right at my fingertips.  Lucky parents today can find answers to their questions about how to protect their babies with the new green iPhone app called Peaceful Nursery.  Get The Peaceful Nursery iPhone App and Get Peace of Mind.  

iPhone App Helps Moms Make The Nursery Safe And Healthy
Green isn’t just an idea anymore. For many families aware of the potentially devastating results of chemicals in everyday products, eco-friendly, green homes are a way of life.  But how do you know which plastics are safe, what types of fabric or shampoo are best for your unborn child, or how to throw a baby shower where all the guests buy gifts that are non-toxic? The Peaceful Nursery iPhone app will answer these questions and so many more.

The Peaceful Nursery features a quick and easy shopping checklist of all the right items to buy for the nursery, along with tips about what to avoid, and an explanation of what chemicals are often found in each product. For example, polyurethane foam is often used in baby mattresses; as foam ages, it breaks down and releases flame-retardant chemicals into the air where baby, and parents, can breathe them. Buying an organic mattress or all natural bumper can give a new mom peace of mind. A paint guide, tips on everything from helping baby sleep to uses of color, and a section on how to arrange your nursery are also available, along with video insights from the app’s co-authors, Healthy Home and Lifestyle experts Laura Forbes Carlin and Alison Forbes.

It's NOT about the Brands
The app does not focus specifically on brands but  is designed to teach new parents what types of products to buy that are safest and healthiest for their child. In a 2008 study released by “Pediatrics, the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics,” over 80% of babies tested were found to have man-made chemicals called phthalates in their system. If you have spent any time at all on this blog you will remember that these chemicals are widespread and found in many plastics and baby products. Unfortunately, they can cause many health problems, especially in children.

Stop Worrying and Create a Peaceful Nursery
The Peaceful Nursery can help parents to stop worrying about unhealthy toxins in their baby’s room, while enabling them to create the best nursery for their unborn child, where the baby will spend so much time sleeping, nursing and playing.

The Peaceful Nursery ($1.99) has versions compatible with iPhone 3 and iPhone 4, as well as iPod Touch. The app for iPhone will be available January 10, 2011 from Apple’s App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at

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