Stuck at Home with the Kids on Black Friday? Check Out this Totally COOL Eco-Craft!

I don't have heart shaped pans so I am using a little snowman muffin pan I have

I have been so lazy this week with work.  My kiddies have been on Thanksgiving break from school and I have been spending all of my time with them.  Heaven.  By the way, I hope all of my US friends had a great Thanksgiving.  Mine was wonderful but as I have Strep and Bronchitis (and my little one has strep too) we won't be out and about hitting the Black Friday sales.

We might hit a movie later but for now we are baking and getting ready to make a big snowman shaped crayon!  This is a really easy Eco-craft I came across from one of my favorite felons, Martha Stewart.  I am serious.  I adore the lady.  How can anyone dislike Martha Stewart?  Who else could take a bum rap with such grace, teach their fellow inmates to knit and come out of prison a bigger mogul than when she went in?

Anyway, I am off to try and make a huge, recycled  snowman crayon.  In the meantime, I have a couple of deals for ya'...

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Also, if you have an American Express card, you want to check this out...

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So you could pick up one of my favorite green gifts for kids, get free shipping (code FREESHIP50) and a $25 credit on your AmEx card...
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The Discovery Set by Tegu
The Discovery Set includes 26 magnetic wooden blocks in three shapes: 12 Cubes, 10 Long Planks, and 4 Short Planks. The blocks come in a natural finish made with sustainably sourced, FSC-certified, Eco-friendly Honduran wood. Magnetic connections between the blocks make for novel play that defies gravity and increases a child's creative freedom.
- Tegu blocks make a perfect children's toy, executive desk toy, and designer gift
- Tegu provides for tree planting, child education, and holistic employment in Honduras
- Premium, heirloom-quality toy that will last for generations
- Safe: no lead, no plastic, water-based lacquer finish
- Perfect for those seeking educational toys supporting open-ended and unscripted play
Enjoy the Holiday Season and more than anything, this year, enjoy creating new holiday memories.

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Picture credit: Martha Stewart

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