Consumers, Show Your Power! How You Can Fight the Pesticide Industry in Just 2 Minutes and Help Create a Healthier Future for Us All

Click the picture above and take just 2 minutes to show your power and send a letter to your local newspaper demanding that California reverse its decision on methyl iodide

As you may have heard by now, California’s Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) approved the carcinogenic new pesticide, methyl iodide, for use in the state’s strawberry fields. The decision flies in the face of unprecedented public and scientific opposition, and is a clear instance of corporate influence overriding science and the public interest.  Here at Environmental Booty, we consider that the worst kind of disregard for human and environmental health.  PAN North America (Pesticide Action Network)  is working hard to push the state to reverse this harmful decision and they need our help. 

The pesticide industry is out in force on the editorial pages of newspapers across the country because they know that a reversal of the methyl iodide decision would have national implications. Consumers need a grassroots response, this week and next, to counter and correct the PR push from the pesticide industry.  I have already taken the time to show my power...are you able to give 2 minutes and let your voice be heard

Pesticide industry allies are in the media attempting to characterize public opposition to methyl iodide as hysterical, and a matter of “anxiety,” when in point of fact the science on this chemical is unequivocal.  The facts:
•    Methyl iodide is a known carcinogen, thyroid toxicant, causes spontaneous, late-term miscarriages and presents risks for developing brains.

•    After conducting a thorough review, DPR’s own panel of independent scientists declared, "methyl iodide is a highly toxic chemical and we expect that any anticipated … use of this agent would result in exposures to a large number of the public.” They further concluded that methyl iodide would be “difficult if not impossible to control.” DPR registered it anyway.

•    Over 50 esteemed scientists, 6 of them Nobel Laureates, went on record opposing the chemical’s federal registration, saying they were “astonished” that officials would “legalize broadcast releases of one of the more toxic chemicals used in manufacturing into the environment.”

The case against methyl iodide is anything but a matter of “anxiety”; rather, it is based in some of the clearest science PAN has seen stacked up against a pesticide.  The facts speak for themselves, but they need your voice to find an audience. This is our country and our future health that is at stake!  I always have people asking me what they can do to make a difference, well folks, this is as easy as it gets to truly take part in creating a healthier life for us all.

You can help set the record straight on methyl iodide and it only takes 2 minutes! A letter from you to the editor of your local paper will make a difference! PAN has done all of the hard work for us!  Check it out and see how quick and easy it is to send a letter to your local newspaper and demand that California reverse it's decision on methyl iodide to create a healthier future for us all.

Thanks very much for what you’re able to do at this critical hour. I'll keep you posted.

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Photo Credit: PAN North America

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