My Fabulous and Funny Green Christmas

Hope you are enjoying your Christmas Eve as much as we are. 

You may have noticed that I stayed away from posting articles like "How to Green Your Christmas" and "3 Easy Steps to a Greener Christmas" this Holiday Season.  I saw an early Christmas Season article about how awful it is that people put up Christmas lights.  You know with how much electricity it uses and all.  Seriously?  After I read that and a few more greening your Christmas posts from some of my fellow bloggers, I felt like they had that portion of the Holiday Season covered.  This year I vowed to make the experience of the season as fabulous as its meaning and fill it with so much fun that my kids hearts were filled and overflowing.  I think I succeeded and they haven't opened one gift.

My girlies...such great kids!  The little one did the wrapping this year.  The presents look like they were most definitely wrapped with love.

This season I vowed to try to lay off of the food restrictions and after only 20 minutes in the baking aisle at the market, I was actually able to buy artificially colored icing for our Christmas cookies without too much anxiety.  For some reason, the girls were against using pomegranate or strawberry juice to dye our icing red naturally.  They said they were afraid of what I was thinking of using to get green colored icing.
So this was so much fun that we did it twice!  We did away with the the artificial food coloring in the icing the second time we baked cookies.  I will be talking to a rep from Suntava next week about non-GMO, safe, and natural food dyes. 

I really didn't have time to actually make the sugar cookie dough from scratch but I found a great ready made dough at Publix from the Immaculate Baking Company that was all natural too!  No artificial ingredients or hydrogenated oils.  My daughter told me she wouldn't like it because it was natural.  She was wrong.  She loved it.  I wondered if the natural decorating sugar which was included had red 40 in it but my eyes were too old to read all of the tiny words in the ingredient listing.

I also didn't even look at the ingredients (well not too much anyway)  that Edible Creations uses to dip their fruit on for the three bouquets I ordered for Christmas Day.  Really not sure the fruit was organic, but it was natural after all so no worries.  
When we went to see the Nutcracker, I ordered a peppermint martini without even a thought about whether or not the liquor was organic or how they got it to be that shade of green.   
Today when the girls and I were out and finishing up our Christmas shopping,  my dear friend Elsie texted me that she had a little something for me and we should drop by.  I knew we were in for a treat because my girlie, Elsa and her family know how to celebrate.  When we walked into her beautiful home, the smell was enough to make me cry...literally.  Her hubby handed me a glass of a delicious red and we celebrated Christmas 2010 with some amazing traditional Spanish Holiday food.  Delicious cheeses and meats, black beans and rice to rival The Colombian and the most delicious Spanish Eggnog made with coconut juice served in these adorable tiny glasses. 

I told Elsie that I had to take some black beans to Ron who was slaving away pressure washing the driveway.  I didn't even add stress to the season by asking hin what alternatives he could possibly use when I  saw him with the bleach.  So anyway, Elsa laughed at my request and then said to my daughter, Reece, "Well, I would love to send some but how do I get it home to him?  You know your mother doesn't like plastic."   Very funny Elsie. 

Merry Christmas all! 

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