Bigger Breasts the Natural Way without Implants? Green Boobs...Seriously?

I never had a voluptuous chest, but after nursing three babies for a total of 5 years, my bra size is now itty bitty.  Luckily, I am married to a guy who could care less about my bra size but for me, I want a bigger chest.  As you can imagine, I am not a big fan of implants for myself as the thought of something foreign in my body kind of freaks me out. Still, last summer, at the urging of my friends who were tired of hearing me whine about my small chest and completely pleased with the results of their breast augmentations, I met with a plastic surgeon.  Suffice to say that the meeting did not go well and I left in tears.  For so many reason, implants are just not for me. 

That's why when I saw an ad in a local magazine recently about NaturalFill, I was intrigued.   Have any of ya'll heard of this? 

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