Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino Goes Green. Gives a Fist Pump to Green Garmento and Saving the Planet

"There’s nothing sexy about plastic bags," says Sorrentino.
Although I am not a big fan of The Jersey Shore and in fact, forbid my girls from watching it, I just might have to check it out now!  It seems that, in addition to his over exposed six-pack abs, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is now making headlines for greener reasons.  Adding to his hit list of girls who play checkers and general paleness, Mike is setting his sites on stamping out single-use plastic debuting the official Situation GTL Green Garmento, a limited edition version of the Eco-friendly all-in-one reusable dry-cleaning and laundry bag.

As you can see, Green Garmento has always been on the cutting edge of marketing and they have never been afraid to push the limits...

Using The Green Garmento and asking for your dry-cleaning "naked" (without the single-use plastic bags, shoulder covers and twist-ties), is a simple and easy lifestyle change that helps cut down on the estimated 300,000,000 pounds of dry-cleaning plastic that ends up in US landfills and waterways each year. Now I certainly think we can all agree that saving our planet deserves a fist pump!

To maintain his signature six-pack and style, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino lives by the motto “GTL”: Gym, Tan, Laundry.  Thanks to his new partnership with The Green Garmento™, the eco-friendly all-in-one reusable dry-cleaning and laundry bag, GTL now also means “Green The Laundry.”

The bag is pure, green genius.  The Green Garmento starts as a hamper bag for soiled clothes, turns into a duffel bag for carrying the clothes to the laundry or dry-cleaner and for the trip back home transforms into a hanging garment bag to protect clean clothes...all without using a single plastic bag!  Just remember to take your clothes out of the bag as soon as you get home to let them air out.  Unless you are using a people and earth friendly dry-cleaner, the residual chemicals on our clothes are not our friend!
The best part: the official Situation GTL Green Garmento has a custom logo designed, commissioned by and especially for "The Situation."
Even if you think that going green and "The Situation" make an unlikely pair, I say, "Bravo!" to Green Garmento and Mike for bringing Eco-awareness to his audience!  You never know, with all of the time that the Jersey Shore cast members spend at the beach, maybe it's the Sitch's way of preserving his favorite hangout for generations of giudos and guidettes to come.  

The official Situation GTL Green Garmento, offered in black night or green grass for $11.99, is exclusively available at thegreengarmento.com and will soon be carried in select retailers, gyms and tanning salons across the country.  You can pick up the original on our Amazon affiliate link for a steal!!

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