A Greener, Healthier Life on the Cheap? Yup! 15 Super Cheap, Superfoods that are Super Easy to Make!

Okay so I might sound like a broken record but I am gonna say it again...for Environmental Booty and me, 2011 will be the year to find and share ways to live a greener, healthier life on the cheap.  In keeping with that green goal for EB, I want to share a great article I read today that has me excited to go into my kitchen and cook up some super cheap, superfoods that are super easy to make. 

I don't know about you, but my kids would eat me out of house and home if I let them.  My grocery bill is huge each month and finding nutritious foods they all like, that won't break the bank, is always a challenge.  My oldest daughter, Reece, has a mature palate and has always loved fresh, whole foods as much as she loves the sugary, sweet stuff.  My other two girls are a different story. I really need some new and creative foods and recipes that they will all love.  Can you relate?

Well if you're like me and want to live a greener, healthier life on the cheap, check out this article.  You will find 15 foods along with easy recipes from Emeril and others that look really yummy.  Hopefully you too will get inspired to head into the kitchen and save some cash on your food bill while feeding your family some super yummy superfoods.  I can't wait to make the sweet potato pancakes. I know Hayden-Jay will love those!  :)

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