Bob Marley Sends Us Some Green from Beyond

A portion of proceeds from sales of the Eco-headphones and audio accessories will go to, an organization formed with the Marley family that supports “charities that empower people to take action for sustainable and responsible living.”
I have been a Bob Marley fan for decades.  God I am old.  His Reggae music always transports me to a place of peace and tranquility whenever I need it.  Throughout college, and now with a busy household to run, his music has always provided a mini escape from the stress of every day living.  Now word comes that The House of Marley, a company that includes Marley's daughter and other family members, is helping the legendary Bob Marley send green from the grave.

"Bob believed in a better world, forged from passion, love and responsibility. Now it’s up to us, to turn his ideals in actions and his principles into products. Piece by piece, we’ll create the world he imagined, through products that give joy and give back." - The House of Marley

The House of Marley and HoMedics have partnered to create a new line of Eco-friendly headphones, earbuds, iPod docks and portable speakers using sustainable materials like wood, bamboo, leather, recycled aluminum and, of course, hemp. Even the wood is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.  Apparently the new, green line has been creating quite a buzz.

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas last month, the Eco-friendly materials helped the Marley products stand out from the same old designs consumers are used to seeing which are made of very Eco-unfriendly black plastic. The attention grabbing designs were created through a partnership with HoMedics.  You know the brand right?  They make cool products for home health like relaxation devices, such as massage-chair pads.

"Bob poured passion, joy and love into every note he recorded. And you deserve to experience all of it. Marley audio equipment is specifically built for superb clarity and thick, full resonant bass, and with high design and low environmental impact in mind. So the music sounds as the artist intended and you feel good about what you’re using to listen to it." - The House of Marley

The Eco-friendly headphones and audio accessories should hit stores in April but you can pre-order them at

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