Update - Portland City Council Shelves Non-Emergency Perfume Ban Until Next Meeting...Tell Us this no Laughing Matter

It seems the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)  actually governs these smelly issues
So a bit of an update from the post I did this week on Portland banning perfume and personal care scents.

So as far as I can tell, item #168 on the Portland City Agenda to Establish a City policy discouraging employee use of personal scented products in the workplace has been seriously (Council Members reminded us that this is not a laughing matter) discussed, agreed upon and shelved until the next meeting for a vote of approval.  Hayden-Jay (my most fabulous 5 year old) and I were in the middle of an intense workout (she was showing me her new moves) when I heard the item called for discussion. 

When I finally got to my computer to watch and listen to the meeting live, a city employee who has a disability which is aggravated by strong scents was testifying.  Some of the discussion focused on how the ADA (American with Disabilities Act) governs these issues and that the city, if a policy is not enacted, could be leaving itself  vulnerable to legal action.

Commissioner Nick Fish was very intent on making sure that  everyone knew that this was not a joke and that the woman testifying before the Commission was "not a whiner or weak".  Fish  said that he, "knew her personally" and she was not a trouble maker.  I guess things have been a bit strained around City Hall for this woman?  He mentioned that "in the face of ridicule" she was giving her testimony.  

When I called the Portland City Hall, I was told that the Ordinance was considered a Non-Emergency and it passed on to the 2nd Reading next week.  This is a done deal.

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