Despite Assurances from US Agriculture Secretary, Tom Vilsack, Experts Warn GM Alfalfa WILL Contaminate Organic and Traditional Crops

I just picked up a story from the AP that just makes me kind of sick.

So last week genetically modified (GM) Alfalfa  was, through much resistance from consumers and organic farming associations,  finally approved.  Wow, big surprise that was since this just follows the pattern of our government to support big business like Monsanto, instead of supporting consumers.  First GM corn, then GM Soybeans and now alfalfa.  Why should you care?

The alfalfa was modified to be resistant to Monsanto's Roundup weed killer.  You know the stuff right?  I certainly know my husband knows the stuff and seems somehow addicted to its sick scent and efficient results; straight to the weed and then straight into our groundwater supply.  Yippee.  As you can tell, I just love the stuff.

Oh consumers shouldn't worry because we have reassurances from Monsanto and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack that there will not be any cross contamination of organic and traditional crops.  Well that is certainly important since alfalfa is mostly used to feed cows.  That means that those cows will be raised on genetically modified food and many of us do not want anything to do with cows who have been fed GM alfalfa. 

But pump the breaks! Word comes today from agriculture experts that contamination from GM Alfalfa is certain.  You must read the entire press release and let me know what you think...

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Source: AP

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