Wanna Laugh? Watch Stephen Colbert and Yum Brand's Taco Bell Fight Back Against "False Statements" about Beef

I had to laugh when I heard how Stephen Colbert and Yum Brands are working it to fight the allegations that Taco Bell's beef is not real meat.  I must say I am partial to Mr. Colbert's take on things. 

Now if you somehow missed the entire story, an Alabama law firm is suing Taco Bell over allegations that their beef is not the real deal.  In an effort to protect their reputation, Taco Bell took out full page ads in nine major newspapers last week (like The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and the NY Times)  to insure that we consumers know that not only are they the victim of false accusations, but that 88% of their ground beef is actually beef, not the alleged 36%.  LMAO!
Oh but wait, it gets yummier...(takes a second to load)

Thanks Greg for answering all of our questions and telling us all of your secrets.  I certainly feel better knowing what I won't be eating.

Update 4-19-11: Taco Bell Lawsuit Dropped

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