Just How Green is Your Bottled Water? Where Does it Come From? Is it Pure or Contaminated? EWG Bottled Water Scorecard...How does Your Brand Rate?

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I make no secret of the fact that I HATE bottled water.  I mean where does it come from and is it really pure or is it contaminated?  Now it wouldn't be so bad if everyone knew what the greenest brands to buy and made it a habit to toss all  their water bottles into the recycling bin, but that just doesn't always happen.  Folks are on the run when they are drinking their bottled water and there just aren't enough public recycling options.  So into the trash they go, making a final stop in our landfills, waterways and oceans. 

Oh and did I mention that some people reuse their bottles and wash them over and over again until the chemicals in the bottles begin to leach out and into our bodies.  So we all get it right?  Drinking bottled water is not really a part of the green lifestyle.  It's just bad for the environment and bad for us.  Get yourself a few stainless steel water bottles to fit your personality and use all the money you save on buying bottled water to buy safe organic fruits and veggies!

Okay but let's get real.  Although I will do anything I can to avoid buying and using bottled water, there are times when I find that using them is a necessary evil.  I will use them once in a blue moon, but they never ever get thrown away.  Even if it means having a water bottle or two, which are awaiting delivery to a recycling bin, rolling around in the back of my gas guzzling, Flex-Fuel Suburban Mommy Taxi, they never get tossed.  I shouldn't get myself started on the subject of fueling our cars with food or I will get all worked up. 

Anyway...so when those times roll around that you must use bottled water, or if you just aren't yet to the point of having a cabinet full of stainless steel bottles that you can look forward to rolling out and playing pretty music for you as they hit the tile floor at 7am, have I got something for you!  Run over and check out The 2011 EWG Bottled Water Scorecard from the Environmental Working Group.  There you can easily find out what's in your bottled water and get the skinny on just how green your favorite brand of bottled water really is. 

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Source: EWG

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