Calling all Guys! It's Time to Go Green and Get Hot with Hemp!

I am putting a call out to all green guys, and not yet so green guys, everywhere cuz it's time to chill with hemp!  Hemp isn't just for hippies anymore!  Look guys, you wear it, not smoke it!  Hemp is one of the most natural and sustainable resources and I know how it can make you look like one hot green guy!
    * Hemp can be grown pesticide, herbicide, and fungicide free
    * Hemp is hypoallergenic
    * Hemp is 100% biodegradable unlike synthetic materials
    * Hemp is a natural weed suppressor due to fast growth of the canopy

Hemp fiber is among the Earth’s longest natural soft fibers. Hemp is one of the most durable, breathable and heat retaining fibers in the world.  In fact, it is more absorbent, more durable (actually gets softer with each wash), and  provides more insulation than cotton fiber. Hemp uses less fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides to grow and it is flame retardant without having to apply harmful chemicals!  Hemp even provides unparalleled protection from UV radiation. Hemp is where it's at for sustainability and you can look chill wearing all kinds of hot hemp designs.

Check this out...

Splaff's 100% recycled bicycle inner tube belt is built to last. The Splaff Belt is lined with Natural Hemp Fabric to make it  super durable and super adorable!!  Love, love, love it and the your green girl will too!  What, you don't have a green girl yet?  Well trust me, if you wear this, you will!  ;)

And am I wrong or are these hemp sneakers stinkin' perfect for kicking back and doing nothin' or taking on the weekend with green gusto?

Men's Sno Tire- Eco-certified Leather from Simple - Shoes for a Happy Planet

- I have hemp uppers
- I am your new favorite sneaker
- I am lined in comfy, certified organic cotton
- Yes, my outsole used to be a car tire
- I have vulcanized rubber sidewall, toecap, and heelcap
- I have 100% post consumer paper pulp foot forms
- I have a 1 year warranty
- I've got nothing but love for ya'!

Okay and what green guy's wardrobe is complete without one of these?  

This 100% hemp casual sports coat is perfect for business casual day at the office, a hot date or any day you want to look well put together.  Make any green girl swoon with love in her eyes when she sees you in this!

The hemp fabric in this garment has rich and supple texture, yet tremendous strength and durability. Hemp is an exceptionally comfortable and healthy fabric to wear, since it's hypoallergenic and nonirritating to the skin. Hemp provides unparalleled protection from UV radiation.

Hemp fabric is very resistant to degradation from mold, bacteria, salt water, sunlight, abrasion, and chemicals, while being fully biodegradable (unlike synthetic fibers). Hemp has excellent insulative and conductive qualities. When compared to cotton, for example, hemp is warmer yet breathes better. For hot weather, hemp has superior conductive qualities to those of all other textile fibers (equaled only by flax), allowing the wearer to feel cool, comfortable, and fresh in very hot and/or humid conditions. 

Love to see how great you look wearing any or all of these!!  Be sure to send me a pic!!  :)

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