When will Your Toxic Body Burden Become too Heavy?

A vaccine took away my chance to have one last dance with my dad
I sit here today at my keyboard with tears streaming down my face, overcome with emotion. Memories and sadness are flooding my mind.  I am caught down so deeply in the sensation of great loss that has come to my father, myself and the rest of my family from one Hepatitis-B vaccination.  You see people, it is not just the MMR vaccine that we have to beware of, it is all of the vaccines.  But don't stop there, look at your personal care products, your cleaning supplies and even that stick free pan that you made your breakfast on this morning.  We are being bombarded with chemicals.  When will you find out it is too much for your body to handle.  When will your children have taken so much that they cannot bear the burden any longer?  When will your toxic body burden become too heavy?  Is it with the MMR shot when still a toddler or will it be with a Hep-B shot when you are in your 50's?  When?  Maybe never.

I am sure my father never thought about whether or not his body would give in to the onslaught of toxins that had been poured on him.  I know he never wondered if he had some mitochindrial defect that would leave him susceptible to one more vaccination and CIDP.  I am sure he never wondered if he would end up in a wheelchair from just one more run of the mill vaccine.  But just because he didn't have know any better, he did not escape a life with an incurable neurological disease that will keep him from ever dancing with me again.

I know what it is like to have the lawyers from the Vaccine Compensation Injury Board sitting in your living room trying to decide just how much your father's life is worth.  I know the destruction of vaccines.  Yet this is my father, not my child who has been permanently injured from a vaccine.  How would I feel if it were and there were uninformed people out there calling me crazy for what I know?

I know I am rambling but here is the point.  Living in the world we live in today, it is up to you to take the time to become an informed consumer.  Your health care is a consumer choice...at least for now.  Exercise that choice and make the right decision for your family on which vaccines, if any, you will allow to be administered.  Get informed! Our government certainly is getting informed on the possible link between mitochondrial defects and environmental and other toxic onslaughts (like vaccines) to our bodies.

I mean for the love of Chrysler, you don't want to come off sounding like this guy do you? Oh and beware if you have delicate ears, the language here is not so great.

You see  we can contrast his illusory rantings on Dr. Wakefield with the facts...sorry I do not have any info on Jenny McCarthy other than that my autographed picture my hubby gave me is one of my favorite possessions.  I adore her but just don't know much about her thoughts behind the causes of autism. Wakefield I know.  I mean I don't know him, but I have researched him over the last few years.  Okay anyway, listen to Dr. Wakefield explain what really happened with the Lancet study.

Don't be a ranter...get the facts on vaccines, then decide for yourself and your family what is right.

I better wipe my face and go pick up the little one at preschool.

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