Who are the Top 10 Eco-Friendly Celebs with the REAL Green Cred? Our List May Surprise You

Vuyo's lovely handmade Xhosa doll goes to a graceful and stunningly lovely Halle Berry
Halle Berry visits the Shaster Foundation’s Indlovu Project, a squatter community turned Eco-village

Green is “in” these days and many entertainers are rushing to show just how Eco-friendly they really are. However, who are the celebs with the real green cred? The following is our list of the top 10 Eco-friendly stars:

• David Suzuki – Although he is not an entertainer in the classical sense, Suzuki has definitely become a celebrity through his long-running show “The Nature of Things” that has aired in 50 countries since 1979 and through numerous series and documentaries including the PBS “The Secret of Life” series. Suzuki is an outspoken environmentalist and one of the most recognized broadcast personalities advocating for a sustainable world.

• Ed Begley Jr. – He may not be as famous as Oprah or Robert Redford, but Ed Begley Jr. has been doing green long before it became popular. Begley went sustainable decades ago with a modest house, organic garden and a “mostly vegetarian” diet.

• Oprah Winfrey– TV’s talk show queen now has her own television network and her Angel Network has long supported green causes. She has actively supported groups and initiatives like Habitat for Humanity, climate change solutions, and sustainable energy and resources. Oprah has frequently focused on environmental issues on her show, and her website hosts a section called “It’s Easy Being Green” that gives tips on how to live a more sustainable life.

• Robert Redford – The star actor and Sundance Film Festival founder has been committed to green issues throughout his career. He is a strong supporter of the National Resource Defense Council and uses his high profile status to attract attention to environmental concerns.

• Halle Berry – Halle is committed to green living. She supports the Shaster Foundation’s Indlovu Project in Africa and has her own organic nursery. She raised her baby with environmentally-friendly clothes. In 2006, she fought with other celebrities to protect the coastal areas off of California from the Cabrillo Port Liquefied Natural Gas facility.

• Leonardo Dicaprio -- Like Robert Redford, Leo is a member of the National Resource Defense Council. He chooses to live a green lifestyle and he has personally lobbied in Washington for more earth-friendly government policy.

• Willie Nelson – A long-time advocate for farmer’s rights, Willie Nelson has also thrown his hat into the sustainability ring. Nelson has used his celebrity to help eco-friendly causes including supporting increased biofuels use.

• Penelope Cruz – In addition to fighting for human rights and against poverty, glamorous Penelope Cruz is a champion for green causes like Global Green and the Greenest City challenge.

• Brad Pitt – The other half of Angelina Jolie came into clear view as a fighter for the environment after the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. He created his own group called “Make it Right” to build eco-friendly habitations in hard-hit neighborhoods of New Orleans. Brad also supported Green USA, which does similar work and recruitment in the region.

• Jay-Z – Founder of the United Nation’s Water for Life initiative that works to provide clean water access to all of the world’s populations. Jay-Z’s New York restaurant The Spotted Pig is eco-friendly using local organic food and composting its own waste. Although he and wife Beyonce are known for their high-priced lifestyle they have also been very generous to green causes. For example, they donated $2 million to The Nature Conservancy to plant a million trees.

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Photo Credit: Shaster Foundation Flickr Stream

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