How do Green Girls Protect Themselves? With Hot Lips of Course!

Green girls, get HOT LIPS and get protected!
A friend of mine turned me on to a great and inexpensive (just $8.99) way to protect myself and I had to share with all of my green girlfriends.  Okay so you don't have to be a greenie to love this stuff but it is pretty cool that it is totally non-toxic right?  Of course I would have no worry spraying something toxic on a dude who is about to attack me, but still, I don't want to breathe any of it into my body right?

So the idea with the Hot Lips is that is looks like a lipstick holder but it is really a compact size pepper spray.  Totally non-toxic but totally effective at dropping any attacker in their tracks.  It is easy to keep in your purse  or you can take it on your daily run.  A bit of advice though, if you have a little one at home like I do, be sure to explain that it is NOT lipstick but a way for mommy to protect herself!  You don't want any little ones getting their hands on this!  

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