Wondering Whether or Not to Give your Son or Daughter Gardasil? What You Should Know about The Gardasil Vaccine for HPV

Meet the faces of Gardasil

I have been getting a lot of questions from my girlfriends about my thoughts on giving the Gardasil vaccine to their daughters and sons.  My friends know what happened to my dad, but they also know all of my kids have been vaccinated with many of the recommended vaccines.  Still, when it comes to Gardasil, my daughters will not be getting the vaccine.  When I tell my friends my decision (one which until recently has been balked at by their father) they inevitably have a million questions. I started thinking that there most certainly must be a lot of my online friends and other parents who are out there wondering whether or not you should give your son or daughter Gardasil?

It certainly is a personal decision; although states have tried and succeeded to make it mandatory, thankfully consumers and legislators are working to block those efforts. Still, how can you make a decision about Gardasil without all of the facts.  Are you just suppossed to give your child yet another vaccine without getting the informed on the facts?  Uh, yea, well, no right? There are some things you should know about Gardasil before deciding to give it or not give it to your children.  The following vids will help you become more informed before you make your decision.

 My favorite green guy, The Health Ranger, gives us the facts on Gardasil...

So what about the families and the lives that have been changed by Gardasil?  Meet the faces of Gardasil...

Feel the loss of a mother...

and the pain of a friend...

How many more of our innocent children are going to be put at risk from this vaccine?  Please make an informed decision before administering this or any other vaccine; make it your decision based on facts and not fear.  I wish someone would have told my family that there were risks to vaccines before my father had to find out the hard way.  I am not trying to scare you into not giving the vaccine to your child, I am trying to scare you into getting the facts to make an informed decision. 

HERE is the insert for the Gardasil vaccination which you have every right to read before giving it to your son or daughter.  If that link gets removed by the powers that be, as is the case over and over again, I have a copy saved I can send you.  You also may want to check out what one of the lead researchers for Gardasil has to say about her concerns. 

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