Cornfields vs. Oilfields. What You Need to Know About The Pros and Cons of Corn Ethanol in an Easy to Understand Infographic

This past weekend was interesting as my cousin came for a much too short visit and brought along her fiance.  The visit was exceedingly enlightening as they are both brainiacs and our conversation was lively to say the least.  When I found out that my cousin's fiance is a chemical engineer who works for BP in their "plastics" division, I actually squealed with delight. I so badly wanted to get into the nitty gritty of how disastrous plastics are for our planet and consumer health but I somehow held myself back and our conversation turned to ethanol. I found that we were surprisingly agreeable in our disdain for corn ethanol. 

When Online Schools approached me with this graphic yesterday, I knew it was one I wanted to post.  So many people are catching the ethanol train without a second thought and thinking it is the answer to our foreign energy woes.  Just for kicks and giggles, I wanted to offer the following easy to read infographic to fill you in on some of the pros and cons of corn ethanol.

Cornfields vs. Oilfields

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Photo Credit: ETF Trends

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