Have an Eco-Friendly Easter Crafting Green, Recycled Fun with Your Kids! Make an Adorable Bunny Change Purse that is Super EASY to Craft!

Our adorable Easter Bunny change purse crafted from recycled juice bags
So my kids are on Spring Break this week and I am a tee tiny bit stressed.  With our big Environmental Booty Earth Day Giveaway running from April 1 until Earth Day on April 22, and my nieces wedding this Saturday (in which my youngest Hayden-Jay is a flower girl),  I am pretty busy to say the least. Trying to work with two girls playing beauty pageant and tossing shoes over my head as the other daughter incessantly tries to convince me that she does indeed NEED, not want, a new dress for our DC trip, all while I am trying to work, is not my idea of a productive day.


Nonetheless, I always try to do at least one really fun thing with my girls each day they are on break.  Yesterday it was heading to the theater to watch Diary of a Wimpy Kid and today we got crafty.  Now I am so NOT crafty, but my kids are.  In fact, my sweet mom gave me a sewing machine 5 years ago which was still in the box...until today when we used it to make an adorable, and Eco-friendly Easter Bunny change purse out of recycled juice bags.  

Earlier today, my Hayden-Jay was doing a little crafting of her own and made an Easter Bunny change purse for me out of paper.
Cute, but let's make it really adorable and functional!
My 11 year old saw my paper bunny coin purse and said, "Hey that's really cool Hayden but I bet we could make a real Easter Bunny change purse out of recycled juice bags."  I was like, "Oh sure we can,"  but within a few minutes, all three of my the girls had found everything they needed to craft an adorable little coin purse; which they are now fighting over.  So before we get started on two more change purses, so all of the girls can have their own, I wanted to take a break and share how easy it is to make an Eco-friendly, recycled Easter Bunny Change Purse with your kids.

What You'll Need:
  1. 2 recycled juice bags, empty and dried.
  2. A cotton ball or white felt for the tail.  We used an organic cotton ball but you can also use white felt which you can get in an Eco-friendly version that is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.
  3. A sewing machine with any color thread you want your bunny to be. 
  4. Non-toxic fabric paint to outline the mouth and ears.  I like the Scribbles brand as it is non-toxic.  We had some pink Scribbles around the house (of course we had pink with three girls right?) but you can use whatever color you have handy. 
  5. 2 buttons for eyes.  Ours were two different sizes but the girls actually thought it was cute.
  6. Velcro to fasten the change purse.
  7. Scissors to cut out your Easter Bunny.
  8. Pen to draw where to cut.
  9. Non-toxic crafting glue to glue the bunny tail onto the back of your purse.
    How to Make Your Eco-friendly Recycled Easter Bunny Change Purse:
    1. Draw on the printed side of the juice bags where they will need to cut to make the ears and opening and then hold both juice bags together and cut it out.
    2. Take each juice bag separately and sew a little stitch at the top opening you cut out between the ears to insure that change will not fall into the inside of each juice bag and will instead go into your coin purse.
    3. Put the juice bags together, with silver side out and printed side in, and sew around the edges leaving an opening all across the top.  I suggest you practice a bit on an extra juice bag to get a feel of sewing into a juice bag.
    4. Cut the bottom of the purse so that it is not square but rounded and be sure not to cut into where you just sewed.  You don't want to make a hole and lose your money!
    5. Glue the 2 button eyes onto your bunny.
    6. Use your fabric paint to create an outline of a mouth and the ears.
    7. Let dry completely before continuing.
    8. Put Velcro at the top of the head, inside the purse, between the ears to keep it shut tight and your money inside.
    9. Finally, use the fluffy cotton ball or cut out a circle of white felt for a tail and glue it onto your bunny's backside.

    So cute, so easy and such nice time with your kids.  Happy Easter and happy crafting.

    The End

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