Help Children Go Green and Celebrate Earth Day! Share the Wonders of Nature...Buy 3 Earth's Best Sesame Street Organics and Receive a Free Plant a Tree for Me Book!

Click the picture above or visit HERE for more info on this Earth's Best, Sesame Street and Earth Day kids deal. 
I saw this and totally flipped!  This is a great way to help children go green and celebrate April's Earth Month and Earth Day on April 22, 2011.  Buy 3 Earth's Best Sesame Street Organics and you'll receive a free Plant a Tree for Me Book!  See this is just another reason why I adore Earth's Best - great products and great promotions and offers.  Even though my kids are older now and don't eat their organic offerings, I think Sesame Street and Earth's Best organics are a winning combination for kids.  Now I know that some of the other green moms, who are perhaps a bit farther along on their path to green than I am, will say that these types of foods are still processed and therefore not good for kids.
I hear you, I really do.  Especially when it is 8:10 am and I have to take my first rugrat to school and - the dog just peed on the floor and the little one has been crying for almost an hour straight because I "lost" the paper bunny wallet that she made me.  And the older one, well, she is hiding out in the back of the house McGuyvering a coat hanger and a lipgloss into some sort of a device to send text messages to her friends because she got her phone taken away...AGAIN!

I'm just sayin'. Sometimes quick and easy is the only way to get the the kids fed and if it has to be organic fruity O's or Earth's Best Organics, so be it!

Can I get an Amen?


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