Wondering what to do with Your Old Cell Phones? SellCell.com makes it Easy to Go Green, Recycle and Get Paid for Selling Your Old Cell Phones

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Do you have a few old cell phones around your house in junk drawers just taking up space?  Are you wondering what in the world to do with them now that you’re done using them?  You know they must be worth something, but you just aren’t sure how to go about getting the best price.  Well I have been introduced to an amazingly clever online service which will help you to go green, recycle your old cell phones for cash and save our planet all at the same time!   Meet SellCell.com, the only source you need to easily recycle that stash of old cell phones responsibly while greening up your life and your budget.  SellCell.com makes it easy to go green, recycle and get paid for selling your old cell phones.

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SellCell.com makes it Easy to Go Green
So don’t worry, you’re not alone in not being quite sure what to do with your old cell phones.  Up to 75 percent of unused cell phones are left in drawers by people who don’t know what else to do with them.   These days most people realize that tossing an old cell phone into the trash is not such a green idea for our environment or their budgets so old cell phones tend to find new homes in wasting space.   At the moment there are over 200 million cell phones left unused in the US alone, and that figure is on the rise and could reach 150 million to 350 million by 2015.

Cell phones contain numerous substances which need to be disposed of in safe and efficient manner.  Now I don’t know about you, but I am not sure how to safely dispose of a cell phone.
  1. The Cadmium in the battery from one old cell phone could contaminate 600,000 liters of water which is enough to fill a third of an Olympic-sized swimming pool.
  2. Lead - which affects the immune, endocrine and central nervous systems, and causes serious damage to children - is used to solder components to the printed wiring boards.
  3. Brominated flame retardants, used in wiring boards and plastic cases, have been associated with cancer, liver damage and problems with the neurological, immune and endocrine systems.
  4. Beryllium, which can cause serious lung damage, is used in contacts and springs and highly toxic dioxins can be emitted if the phones are incinerated in waste plants.
Using SellCell.com to find a recycler to sell your old cell phone to just makes green sense.

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SellCell.com makes it Easy to Recycle Your Old Cell Phone
After you sell your old cell phones to one of SellCell.com’s cell phone recyclers, the cell phones are either sent for reuse in places like China, Africa, and India or they are refurbished and sold in the UK.  Can you get any more eco- friendly than to provide your phone for reuse by someone else?  Even if your phone cannot be resold and reused by someone else because it is broken or badly damaged, it will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way so it doesn't end up in a landfill site.  Oh and you could still get paid.

SellCell.com makes it Easy to Get Paid for Selling your Old Cell Phones
Simply put, SellCell.com offers the ultimate in ease of cell phone recycling and price comparison.  Using SellCell.com makes it easy to get rid of your old cell phone responsibly and insures that you are getting the best price for your old cell phone.  Yes, that’s right, you get paid to go green.  Their goal at SellCell.com is to help more people recycle by getting the most cash back for their old phones.  Using SellCell.com to sell your old cell phone at a great price to a phone recycler feels too good to be green.  Folks from all walks of life will become environmentalists without even knowing it.  These offers are enough to make anyone go green, recycle and sell their old cell for cold hard cash.
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I am so lovin’ on SellCell.com right now.  If you want to go green, recycle and get paid, go to SellCell.com and see what I’m lovin’.   Oh and don't forget to connect with SellCell.com on Facebook and Twitter below!
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