Got Babies? Get GroVia Eco-Disposable Diapers at Costco for $10 Off!

So I am not supposed to be "working" today as I am on Summer hours and I only work M-W-F, BUT this is such a great deal I wanted to get it out to all of you guys ASAP.  As all of my girlies are potty trained, thank goodness, I have not tried these diapers and can't tell you if they totally suck or are awesome.  Still at this sale price, I think it is totally worth giving them a try.

I used to hate tossing my girl's diapers into the trash.  I knew were going to sit in the landfill for hundreds of years and it just made me feel so pun intended.  It was like a horror movie in my head playing over and over again each time I tossed a diaper.  Not only was I tossing disposables into the landfill, so were all of my friends...and their friends...and their friends...and so on and so on...

I tried cloth diapers when my first daughter, Reece, was born.  I lasted a week and wasted $400.  I so wish GroVia would have been around when my kids were babies.  Sigh

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