What Can I Recycle in My Area? This Must Have Green Gadget Will Tell You...and It's FREE!

Today when I was hanging out on Facebook on the greennii page, I came across a handy green gadget you all must have...and it is free!!  If you have ever been dumbfounded as to the who, what , where of how to locally recycle some awful toxic ingredient you have hanging around your garage,  you finally have an easy way to get your answers.

I think this is one of the coolest green things I have ever found.  From kids clothes to used batteries, it seems like I am constantly holding some item in my hands that I want so badly to recycle but am not sure if my local recycling center takes it.  With this handy little widget from 1.800.Recycling.com, I will never again feel guilty when I toss something I could have recycled.  Pretty cool yes?

Give it a try...

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