Live Green and Save Series - Save the Planet without Spending a Dime...3 No Cost Ways to Live Greener

Live Green and Save Series 
Save the Planet without Spending a Dime...
3 No Cost Ways to Live Greener

  1.  Cancel Your Trash Service for One Month -  This will totally force you to be uber-conscious about what you toss.  This is not a joke.  So much of what you throw away is actually recyclable, reusable or would make a perfect match for someone else.  Think about what you purchase and try to reduce packaging waste through buying products in recycled and recyclable packaging. 
  2. Turn Off the Lights and Unplug Your Appliances -  Turning off lights that you are not using can save up to 10% of a home's total energy bill.  And think about this, collectively, we spend $1 billion a year powering our TV's, DVD's, microwaves and other electronics when they're not in use.  To make it really easy to turn off appliances when not in use, plug everything into power strips so you can easily turn everything off.
  3. Put a Brick in Your Toilet - Okay so this may not be exactly what we want to chat about, but the added weight will decrease the amount of water your tank holds - so you will use less water with each flush.  This is a simple way to make your old toilet work just like a new low-flow model.  
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Source :  Natural Health Magazine

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